Not always trouble on the road can be avoided even by an experienced driver. Often in accidents on the road people suffer. Victims of this can be harmed the health of varying severity, however, will remain unchanged one thing the case of an administrative offense or a criminal case, which will lead to you as the culprit of the accident.

Who may need the services of a lawyer?

However, it is necessary to clarify that the services of a lawyer can be useful not only to the culprit of a bus accident, but also to the victims.

Do not waste time on an independent search for a solution to the problem. An experienced lawyer in an accident with victims will help you find the right approach and build a line of defense in such a way that the consequences for you will be minimal.

An appeal to a professional is the best option if you have only vague ideas about the law, as it is almost impossible to protect yourself without knowledge in this area.

Thanks to modern technology, the consultation of the motorist can be obtained around the clock, even directly at the scene of an accident through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are several ways to do this.

In text mode

Today, most legal websites have a special form for instant messaging with specialists.

It’s easy to use. In special fields, you need to enter your name, e-mail, and sometimes a phone number. In a large field you need to write your question succinctly and clearly, and then send a message. After a few seconds, the operator will answer you and ask you to wait for the lawyer’s answer.

If your situation is typical and does not require additional research, you will get a free consultation of an accident lawyer. In atypical and complex cases, you will be offered a more detailed answer for a fee. Such legal assistance will allow you to resolve your situation in the legal field with the least cost.

Independently understand the law, to understand what conditions must be met to the insurance company did not refuse you in connection with your mistake, perhaps.

However, if your car has suffered significant damage (and therefore we are talking about a larger amount of compensation), it is advisable to give the solution to a professional.

Before you go to court, the lawyer will ask the opinion of a specialist or expert about the accident, to understand what the prospects of the case in court are. Without a professional lawyer, such trials can be lost, because a properly drafted statement of claim, the presentation of necessary and sufficient evidence plays a very important role in the trial.

Make a competent claim, so that later in court you can recover from the insurance company, in addition to insurance compensation, 50% penalty for failure to voluntarily meet the requirements, as well as to represent your interests in court.

In most cases, an integral subject of relations in an accident is insurance companies. It is on their shoulders that most of the damage is compensated. And this happens regardless of what insurance policy was in the hands of drivers at the time of the accident.

Everyone knows and practice shows that insurance companies for the sake of their savings significantly underestimate the amount of insurance payments. And here the motorist to defend their rights without qualified legal assistance is extremely difficult.

Therefore, the assistance of a lawyer in an accident will consist of several stages. First, the lawyer will study the materials of the accident, as well as insurance documents. At the same time, attention will be paid to how correctly the insurance case was issued. This formality is often a reason for refusing to pay compensation.

If the client has previously applied to the insurance company and received a written refusal, the specialist will analyze the reasons for this. This will be followed by a further direction of the claim of the insurance company, and further appeal to the court with a statement of claim.

If there was an accident, you must immediately notify the necessary services. In most cases, it is enough to call only the traffic police to the scene of an accident, in some accidents you need to additionally call an ambulance and the police. If you have a car accident number, this is the best time to call.

Next, you need to record the data of witnesses to the accident. After the arrival of the traffic police at the scene of an accident, it is necessary to monitor all the actions to the case materials have been decorated properly.  The auto-jurist on road accident can prompt what to pay attention at registration of the Protocol or independently to control all process. So any little thing can solve the case is not in your favor. You need to make sure that the measurements at the scene of an accident, to fix all the evidence.

If you have a hull that according to the rules specified in the policy if insurance not later than five days from the moment of the accident. Most car owners turn to the motorist for an accident at this stage. This is primarily due to the fact that insurance companies like to evade payments and delay the process of consideration of the case on the accident.

After the accident, try not to drive away from the collision of cars. The place of the collision the most important indicator influencing the definition of responsibility for a road accident. The place is fixed on the scheme of a road accident which participants of road accident have to sign.

The accuracy of the information on your insurance policy can significantly affect your guilt. Never settle for mutual guilt, even if there are prerequisites for this any agreement on guilt should go with the participation of representatives of insurance companies and, if they are not there, then there is nothing to discuss.

Take a video or photo of the position of the cars relative to the roadway. Fix everything in as much detail as possible. Ask the address and phone numbers of another party to the accident, ask who the owner of his car is. Ask to take a picture of the documents

If you still need help road inspection, documentation falls on the shoulders of traffic police. However, the victim is also recommended to personally record the accident on a video camera or a camera, since it is impossible to exclude any differences in the future completely and it is necessary to provide yourself with an evidence base.

Traffic police officers on arrival, first of all, interrogate both sides and make a diagram of the accident, also conduct video and photography. A mandatory attribute is filling in the protocol, which is signed by each participant but only after reading the text.

Depending on the complexity of the accident is issued a ruling on opening the criminal case, administrative proceedings, or the absence of structure per se. Further, participants of road accident are transferred documentation upon registration of accident, and drivers can follow on the Affairs.

Most people do not realize that even minor car accidents can cause soft tissue injuries and can cause serious health problems if not treated. When the car doesn’t absorb the full shock of the accident, passengers do it, when your body twitches in response to the collision, there is a possibility of injury. It is a misconception that only high impact collisions cause accidents. In fact, even small wing bends can cause injury and more than half of all whiplash injuries occur in accidents where the car is virtually unharmed. The only way to rule out injury is to seek medical attention.

Are you hurt?

Pain after a car accident is a good indicator of injury. If there is a chance that serious or life-threatening injuries will be involved, you should first go to the emergency room to oust them.

Even if you’re not in pain, it’s still a good idea to see a chiropractor after a car accident. Injuries after accidents may not cause pain or discomfort after months. Please note that if you have not applied for treatment after this time and you have not yet applied for treatment, you may lose your insurance coverage for your injuries.

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