personal injury settlement

What are the average personal injury settlement amounts?

After an accident, you want to know how much money you will receive as a victim in return. We will give you some information about average personal injury settlement amounts. This amount varies according to state laws and injury content. But we can say that the average is between 3,000 and 75,000 USD. In determining this amount, the lawyer has a lot of influence. With his defense, this amount can be increased.

How much is average settlement for pain and suffering?

If you are very physically damaged after the injury, the amount may be increased. Sometimes this is calculated daily. A price between $ 90 and $ 200 is set daily and is calculated in this way during the proceedings. When determining average personal injury settlement amounts, your reports will be taken into consideration. Your hospital expenses, your agreement with the insurance company and your job loss are calculated and the decision is made by taking into consideration the average. In making these calculations, your social status is also evaluated. For example, if your monthly earnings are over $ 30,000, your daily loss is calculated accordingly.

How much is the average settlement for a car accident?

The injuries experienced in car accidents and personal injuries are different. To calculate average settlement for a car accident, you need to examine the details of the case. Some insurance companies cover the damages of both vehicles that cause a traffic accident. Some only cover the loss of the insured vehicle. In car accidents, both car damage and personal injury damage can be compensated. Ensuring this is entirely up to your lawyer and your insurance company’s contract terms. Of course, we would like to remind you that all these calculations may be different in every state.

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